Paul is excellent at spotting the grammatical and spelling errors which creep into our written English because we are concentrating on the storyline and miss the little things.

Don’t even think of going toward publication without getting Paul or another professional proofreader to check your work.

Charles Joynson

I had my viva last week and passed with two very minor amendments. My internal examiner, who is an eminent professor at the University of Sheffield and a real stickler for good presentation, made the comment that I must have had a really good proofreader as he only found a couple of errors and these were in further last minute amendments recommended by my supervisor after your proofreading!

Dr Janet Uwins
Doctor of Education

Paul proofread my poetry book prior to publishing and he did a great job. He had a friendly and relaxed approach when dealing with my work and was thoroughly professional and proactive during the process, taking into account the complexities of proofreading for grammar especially where poetry is concerned.

Malcolm Brown
Author and photographer